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Free Castle Defense Monster Defender Modded APK

  • What is a Castle Defense: Monster Defender Modded APK:

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An Android app is packaged into a file that has an extension named .APK. So, it is called an APK file, which has got all the elements of the app and it can be installed on an Android mobile.A qualified developer can make edits to the elements inside an APK file, to add or enable a limited feature of the official app and then recompile it. Apkkiranrajo

It is known as Castle Defense: Monster Defender Modded APK and it is shared on several websites.

FreeCastle Defense: Monster Defender latest Version Modded APK Files.

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Castle Defense: Monster Defender Hacker APK Mod Files Description: Castle Defense: Monster Defender, the ultimate tower defense and castle defense with Orc army strong and aggressively attacked the castle every day. the Monster Wars game with many features!

Waves of monsters are attacking your castle and you need castle defense. They move fast, strike hard, shot far with a catapult machine. And with Orc Warboss and Golem Boss, so they will never give up

How to play? Easy to play with Castle Defense: Monster Defender

# Touch screen to shot the gun
# Touch on Power Button to firing special ammo
# Build tower defender
# Having special weapons and tower :
– Ballista
– Minigun
– Cannon
– Rocket Launcher
– Flamethrower
– Heavy Cannon
– Sniper Rifle
– Mortar
# Enemies are powerful and have their own skills
# Gun Tower
# Upgrade weapons and tower defender system
# Strength: Increase the damage of ammo.
# Agility: Increase shooting frequency.
# Weapon: Select and equip.
# Power shot: Repel monsters.
# War fund everyday
# Talents can level up

Watch out, intruders will be stronger and stronger. New BOSSES will come out as the stage goes. Be the hero, and win the HONORS!

Any suggestion/feedback is welcome!

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Game Castle Defense: Monster Defender
Version Latest
Category Strategy
Requirements Android 4.4+
Users 557+
Rating 8.0
Installed 50,000+
Size Various
Developer (________)
PlayStore ID com.topdog.monsterdefense.orcwar
Play-Store Castle Defense: Monster Defender

New Features In Castle Defense: Monster Defender :

  • Castle Defense: Monster DefenderUnlimited gold/stones.
  • Castle Defense: Monster DefenderApk Bug Fixed.
  • Castle Defense: Monster DefenderFree Apk files with 4x speed-up.

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