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An Android app is packaged into a file that has an extension named .APK. So, it is called an APK file, which has got all the elements of the app and it can be installed on an Android mobile.A qualified developer can make edits to the elements inside an APK file, to add or enable a limited feature of the official app and then recompile it. Apkkiranrajo

It is known as コナステ Modded APK and it is shared on several websites.

Freeコナステ latest Version Modded APK Files.

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コナステ Hacker APK Mod Files Description: Android版「コナステ」アプリが好評稼働中!

「コナステ(コナミアミューズメントゲームステーション)」は、KONAMI のアーケードゲームをスマートフォンやタブレット、PCで楽しめるサービスです。

「コナステ」アプリをインストールすれば、いつでもアミューズメント施設や PC のプレーヤーとオンライン対戦を楽しむことができます。

ただいま、初回 500CP プレゼント中! いますぐコナステをインストールしよう!

・ビデオタイトル:「麻雀格闘倶楽部 疾風」「クイズマジックアカデミー 夢幻の鏡界」「天下一将棋会2」
・メダルタイトル:「カラコロッタ コナステ」「アニマロッタ コナステ」「エルドラクラウン コナステ」「フィーチャープレミアム TwinkleDrop RUSH!」「フィーチャープレミアム コナステ 麻雀格闘倶楽部参」「フィーチャープレミアム マジカルハロウィン7」


対応OS: Android 5.0以上
画面サイズ: 6インチ以上推奨

・メダルタイトルのゲームをプレーするには、キャンペーンで貰える専用メダルもしくは「ショップ」で「コナステ メダルコーナー」専用メダルを交換する必要があります。
The Android version of the “Konaste” app is now in operation!

“Konami Amusement Game Station” is a service that allows you to enjoy KONAMI’s arcade games on your smartphone, tablet, or PC.

With the “Konaste” app installed, you can enjoy online competition with amusement facilities and PC players at any time.

We are currently giving away the first 500 CP! Install Konaste now!

You can play the following titles in “Konaste”. (* As of June 2021)
・ Video titles: “Mah-Jong Fight Club Gale” “Quiz Magic Academy Dream Mirror World” “Tenkaichi Shogikai 2”
・ Medal titles: “Karakorotta Konaste” “Anima Lotta Konaste” “Eldora Crown Konaste” “Feature Premium Twinkle Drop RUSH!” “Feature Premium Konaste Mahjong Fight Club Participation” “Feature Premium Magical Halloween 7”

[Konaste Official Website]

【Operating environment】
Supported OS: Android 5.0 or higher
Screen size: 6 inches or more recommended

・ To play a video title game, you need to purchase CP (in-game currency).
・ In order to play the medal title game, you need to exchange the exclusive medal received in the campaign or the exclusive medal of “Konaste Medal Corner” at the “Shop”.
-During game play, communication with the server always occurs, so please enjoy in an environment where communication is possible.
Also, since this application has a very large amount of communication, we strongly recommend playing in a Wi-Fi environment.
・ Please note that play data, CP (in-game currency), and special medals will not be replenished when communication is disconnected.

Game コナステ
Version Latest
Category Casino
Requirements Android 5.0+
Users 248+
Installed 10,000+
Size Various
Developer (________)
PlayStore ID jp.konami.cloudclient
Play-Store コナステ

New Features In コナステ :

  • コナステUnlimited gold/stones.
  • コナステApk Bug Fixed.
  • コナステFree Apk files with 4x speed-up.

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