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An Android app is packaged into a file that has an extension named .APK. So, it is called an APK file, which has got all the elements of the app and it can be installed on an Android mobile.A qualified developer can make edits to the elements inside an APK file, to add or enable a limited feature of the official app and then recompile it. Apkkiranrajo

It is known as 【令和】まぷすた!市町村パズル+世界地図パズル+平成の大合併前パズル Modded APK and it is shared on several websites.

Free【令和】まぷすた!市町村パズル+世界地図パズル+平成の大合併前パズル latest Version Modded APK Files.

【令和】まぷすた!市町村パズル+世界地図パズル+平成の大合併前パズル 4.5.0 screenshots 1


【令和】まぷすた!市町村パズル+世界地図パズル+平成の大合併前パズル Hacker APK Mod Files Description: ・平成の大合併前の市町村






・ Municipalities before the Great Heisei Consolidation
・ Countries and place names in the world
・ Municipalities of Reiwa
・ Prefectural office location
・ How to read
・ Major mountain ranges Highlands, rivers, mountains, lakes, plains

・ Show / hide borders
・ Display / non-display of name
・ Switching between elevation map and silhouette

The data browsing function has been enhanced!
-List the names of cities, towns and villages that use the specified kanji! For example, what city, ward, town, or village uses the kanji “love”? Such
・ List the cities, wards, towns and villages with similar names such as “Misato Town, Misato Town, Sango Town”! You can highlight it on the map so you can see where it is right away!
・ ●●● Town, ●●● You can check whether the reading of the village is “town / butterfly” or “son / village” on the graph and map!
-Display the number of cities, wards, towns and villages in a graph! In addition, the map can be displayed in different colors for each city!
Please check the screenshot for details!

You can learn all 1747 cities, towns and villages with puzzles, quizzes and readings!

Don’t you remember it by wandering around?
With this app, you can learn while playing through puzzles and quizzes!
I had a vague memory of the creator’s prefecture, so I made this app to study geography so that I can remember it well!
The creator has memorized it perfectly, so the effect has been proven! !!

・ Can you arrange the prefectures in the Tohoku region accurately?
・ Do you know which is Tochigi and Gunma, Chiba and Ibaraki, Tottori and Shimane?
・ What prefecture is above Tokyo?

If the answer is unclear, please play “Mapsuta!”!
ver4.5.2 2021/06/06
ver4.5.1 2021/06/01
ver4.5.0 2021/05/30

Game 【令和】まぷすた!市町村パズル+世界地図パズル+平成の大合併前パズル
Version Latest
Category Educational
Requirements Android 4.4+
Users 1080+
Installed 100,000+
Size Various
Developer (________)
PlayStore ID com.kudougames.mapstudy
Play-Store 【令和】まぷすた!市町村パズル+世界地図パズル+平成の大合併前パズル

New Features In 【令和】まぷすた!市町村パズル+世界地図パズル+平成の大合併前パズル :

  • 【令和】まぷすた!市町村パズル+世界地図パズル+平成の大合併前パズルUnlimited gold/stones.
  • 【令和】まぷすた!市町村パズル+世界地図パズル+平成の大合併前パズルApk Bug Fixed.
  • 【令和】まぷすた!市町村パズル+世界地図パズル+平成の大合併前パズルFree Apk files with 4x speed-up.

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