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It is known as 夢幻衣櫥-少女變裝劇情遊戲 Modded APK and it is shared on several websites.

Free夢幻衣櫥-少女變裝劇情遊戲 latest Version Modded APK Files.

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夢幻衣櫥-少女變裝劇情遊戲 Hacker APK Mod Files Description: 《夢幻衣櫥》是一款夢幻的少女變裝劇情遊戲。通過合成服裝、飾品、髮型、妝容、打造專屬於你的夢幻style~遊戲中還有精彩的劇情元素,穿越時空的絕戀,一次不經意的選擇究竟會引導劇中人的命運走向何方?快來一探究竟吧!

【百變衣櫃 海量造型任你選】
【夢幻抽卡 獲得超多稀有服飾】

“Dream Wardrobe” is a fantasy girl dressing story game. By synthesizing clothing, accessories, hairstyles, makeup, and creating your own fantasy style~ There are wonderful plot elements in the game, and the unrequited love that travels through time and space. Where will a casual choice lead the fate of the people in the play? Come and find out!

Game features
[Girls Cross-dressing Competition]
Luminous elf, Silvermoon Warrior, Little Red Riding Hood, Scottish princess, cute idol… a variety of styles and multiple themes are waiting to be unlocked. Mix and match various clothing accessories, and you may be able to collide with different sparks~!
[A variety of wardrobes, you can choose from a large number of styles]
Hundreds of beautiful costumes are dedicated to you who love clothes! Want to be an elegant lady? Try this light pink lace dress; want to be a beautiful girl? How about a light blue sailor suit? Want to be a rock idol? Then you must try that rivet skirt~
[Love through time and space]
Once she was Hou Men’s daughter and his queen, she did her best for him;
He didn’t even think about it, but he treated her as a chess piece.
He ransacked her all over and beat her into the cold palace.

The sky has eyes, so that her soul was reborn into another body, entered the palace again, and faced him again.
“I, Empress Zhaohui, are back.”

[Fantasy draw to get a lot of rare costumes]
Take the time out of dreams, and draw out the super exotic hand-held, dreamy makeup and gorgeous costumes. You don’t need krypton gold, you can also get it for free~
【Past Life Today】
Want to know what your previous life was like? Come to “Dream Wardrobe” to show you your past and present.

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Game 夢幻衣櫥-少女變裝劇情遊戲
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Category Casual
Requirements Android 4.4+
Users 857+
Installed 50,000+
Size Various
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PlayStore ID com.iclock.mehuyichu
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New Features In 夢幻衣櫥-少女變裝劇情遊戲 :

  • 夢幻衣櫥-少女變裝劇情遊戲Unlimited gold/stones.
  • 夢幻衣櫥-少女變裝劇情遊戲Apk Bug Fixed.
  • 夢幻衣櫥-少女變裝劇情遊戲Free Apk files with 4x speed-up.