Free High School Cheater Boy: New Cheating Games 2020 Modded APK

Free High School Cheater Boy New Cheating Games 2020 Modded APK

  • What is a High School Cheater Boy: New Cheating Games 2020 Modded APK:

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It is known as High School Cheater Boy: New Cheating Games 2020 Modded APK and it is shared on several websites.

FreeHigh School Cheater Boy: New Cheating Games 2020 latest Version Modded APK Files.

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High School Cheater Boy: New Cheating Games 2020 Hacker APK Mod Files Description: DISCLAIMER
Hey Kids! This game is just for fun. Don’t try this at your High School.

Hey Tom! Welcome to the high school cheating game now you can get high grades in your school by cheating your friends exam paper. So don’t wait anymore and play the fun cheating games high school cheater boy: new cheating school games and be the first student in high school simulator games. You can get first position without studying a single subject in high school cheating caught games. Tom is the wicked boy in the class room and he does not study when come to the school but he is so sharp and cheats answers of best students in class room. He gets the high marks in biology, history, art, science and sports at high school cheating game. In this high school cheater boy: cheating school games being the number one cheater and don’t get caught by angry teachers while doing cheating in the high school games. You have played multiple high school games like bully teacher game, high school crush or angry neighbor games but this is a fun game with Tom.

High School cheater boy: New Cheating school game is a game in which the most lazy students who have evil minds and they think they don’t need to memorize difficult subjects in high school so cheat the brilliant students exam papers in the examination hall. They are not afraid from invigilator, scary teacher and seem to have forgotten school’s purpose. When paper start Snatch paper sheet quickly to copy answer of nearby students otherwise hour of procrastination will declare. Be careful with stringent and nasty bully teachers that are more observant in class room. Get A+ grade with memorizing difficult subjects and be the first stunt in high school fun games.

This High School cheater boy: new Cheating school game is fun addicting cheating game and it is for all high school students, use evil mind and cheat exams from best students of high school class mate. Cheat and copy answers from genius kids as you are the most mischievous student of high school cheating! After cheating from best students notes in science lab, get back on your seat before angry teacher caught you in quiz and grade you with F in high school cheating game! Master the art of cheating in class is not easy as it seems, so prepare yourself to use evil mind and cheat in quiz like wicked naughty brat of high school cheating games!
Once again we would like to inform you this game is for the fun purpose so dear students don’t try this at your school and be the bright student in the high school with your hard work


– Realistic high school examination hall environment
– Multiple challenging levels with awesome cheating strategies
– Cheat bright students exam paper during the given time
– Be careful from the invigilator while cheating paper
– High quality graphics with awesome animations
Download it now!
We made multiple changes in UI along with 8 new characters to unlock. Also created more exciting and challenging levels.

+ Improved controls to highlight finger press and hold on any student to start cheating
+ Improved all main character’s cheating anims for smooth transitions
+ Improved all teacher’s AI
+ Integrated a better scoring system (stars)
+ Added character selection panel for unlocking new characters

+ Implemented Daily Rewards based on stars as 5-days login

Game High School Cheater Boy: New Cheating Games 2020
Version Latest
Category Role Playing
Requirements Android 4.4+
Users 779+
Installed 100,000+
Size Various
Developer (________)
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Play-Store High School Cheater Boy: New Cheating Games 2020

New Features In High School Cheater Boy: New Cheating Games 2020 :

  • High School Cheater Boy: New Cheating Games 2020Unlimited gold/stones.
  • High School Cheater Boy: New Cheating Games 2020Apk Bug Fixed.
  • High School Cheater Boy: New Cheating Games 2020Free Apk files with 4x speed-up.