Free 健康管理・糖質制限アプリ 簡単に体重・食事・運動を記録できるダイエットサポートアプリ Modded APK

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Free健康管理・糖質制限アプリ 簡単に体重・食事・運動を記録できるダイエットサポートアプリ latest Version Modded APK Files.

2.1.6 screenshots 1

健康管理・糖質制限アプリ 簡単に体重・食事・運動を記録できるダイエットサポートアプリ Hacker APK Mod Files Description: 摂取栄養バランスを すぐ 把握できる一般料理約4,000件、外食約15,000件の中から日々の食事を記録し、













Google Fitアプリとデータ連携Google Fitアプリから歩数、体重のデータをカロミルに連携することができます。
「メニュー」 >「その他」>「設定」 > 「Google Fit連携」よりご設定できます。

「メニュー」 >「その他」>「設定」 > 「Fitbit」および「Garmin」より設定できます。








① アプリの再起動
② アプリの再インストール(※)
※ 仮会員の場合はデータの復元ができませんのでアプリの再インストールはおやめください。設定画面より本会員登録を行ったのちに実施してください。
※ 本会員登録が終わっている場合はデータが失われることはありません。
※ 再ログインの際に以前とは別のアカウントでログインしてしまわないようにお気をつけください。

それでも解決しない場合は、お手数ですが「 [email protected] 」へお問い合わせ下さい。
(アプリ内の設定画面から問い合わせいただくことも可能です。その他 > メニュー > 設定 > サポート > お問い合わせ)

[email protected]
You can immediately grasp the nutritional balance of intake Record daily meals from about 4,000 general dishes and about 15,000 eating out.

1) Calories
2) Protein
3) Lipid
4) Carbohydrates
5) Carbohydrate
6) Dietary fiber
7) Salt equivalent

By comparing the intake of 7 items with the standard value, you can use it for dietary management and health management.

You can see the current nutritional balance at a glance on the radar chart.
“Nutrition balance” on the top screen, “whole day”, “morning”, “day”, “night” balance for each meal
You can check it.

How to use Please create an account after downloading the app.
It can also be linked with a Facebook account.
It is also possible to start using it immediately in the form of a temporary member. (You can register as a main member later from the setting screen)
Data registered as a temporary member cannot be restored due to model changes or application deletion. Please register as a main member as soon as possible.

Basic information registration Gender, date of birth, weight, height, body fat percentage, activity intensity, dietary intake ratio

Goal setting Enter the target date, weight, and body fat percentage for weight loss.
From the daily weight, target weight, and target period, the daily target nutrients are calculated and displayed on the top screen.

Meal registration My menu You can register up to 300 original menus.

Search from menu You can search from information on general dishes, chain stores, ramen shops, etc., or from menus for which users have requested nutrition calculation in the past.

Enter nutrients by yourself You can enter the nutrients listed on the back of the product package by yourself. It is also possible to enter the amount of salt equivalent in “sodium amount (mg)”.
You can edit the numerical values ​​of meals for which you have registered nutrients yourself.

Exercise registration Register from default exercise Select from the exercise menu prepared by Caromill and set the exercise time to calculate and register the calories burned. I will.

Create user exercise You can create an original exercise menu like My menu for meal registration. (Maximum 200)

* Delete registered data
You can delete the registered meal / exercise on the details screen after long-pressing or tapping the meal history on the top screen.

Data link with Google Fit app You can link step count and weight data to Caromill from the Google Fit app.
You can set it from “Menu”> “Others”> “Settings”> “Google Fit Linkage”.

Data linkage with Fitbit and Garmin Exercise data recorded by Fitbit and Garmin can be linked to Caromill.
It can be set from “Menu”> “Other”> “Settings”> “Fitbit” and “Garmin”.

About Premium Service The basic usage of Caromill is free, but you can use the premium service at your discretion.
The following are different services, and if you want to use more than one, you need to register each service.

・ Meal suggestions
We propose a menu that takes nutrition into consideration, and support the creation of well-balanced menus while looking at the visualized graph.

・ Real-time analysis
You can take a picture or select an image of the meal you want to analyze and register the analysis result on the spot.

・ Memo
Let’s record daily awareness and use it for health management!

・ Blood pressure record
Easy support for daily blood pressure management.

・ Blood glucose level record
Easy support for daily blood glucose management.

What to do if it does not work properly -The app does not start after the version upgrade
・ Fall immediately
・ Symptoms such as returning to the login screen may occur.

In that case, please try the following methods.
① Restart the app
② Reinstall the app (*)
* If you are a temporary member, you cannot restore the data, so please do not reinstall the app. Please carry out after registering as a main member from the setting screen.
* Data will not be lost if the main member registration has been completed.
* Please be careful not to log in with a different account when you log in again.

If the problem persists, please contact “[email protected]”.
(You can also contact us from the in-app settings screen. Others> Menu> Settings> Support> Inquiries)

Lifelog Technology Co., Ltd.
[email protected]


【 今回の対応内容 】

【 OS 10以上をご利用の方へのお知らせ 】

詳しくはアプリ内から、「メニュー」>「サポート」>「よくあるご質問」>「画像解析 自動で画像解析されなくなった(Android)」をご覧ください。

【 調査中の現象 】


Game 健康管理・糖質制限アプリ 簡単に体重・食事・運動を記録できるダイエットサポートアプリ
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Play-Store 健康管理・糖質制限アプリ 簡単に体重・食事・運動を記録できるダイエットサポートアプリ

New Features In 健康管理・糖質制限アプリ 簡単に体重・食事・運動を記録できるダイエットサポートアプリ :

  • 健康管理・糖質制限アプリ 簡単に体重・食事・運動を記録できるダイエットサポートアプリUnlimited gold/stones.
  • 健康管理・糖質制限アプリ 簡単に体重・食事・運動を記録できるダイエットサポートアプリApk Bug Fixed.
  • 健康管理・糖質制限アプリ 簡単に体重・食事・運動を記録できるダイエットサポートアプリFree Apk files with 4x speed-up.